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Gabrielle's Angel Foundation

Many people diagnosed with cancer and some of them are not in the position to help themselves. Its also very important to bring new therapy forms faster to the patients,
to minimize side effects of the classic therapy forms.

In this case are foundations available, they can help, but this foundations needs help, specially money to help people in a poor condition.

Gabrielle Rich Aouad was born in Switzerland and with 23 she get ill with a advanced hodkings disease and with 27 she was passed away, in the year 1996.

The big goal of the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation is to development much more effective therapy forms for lymphoma and leukemia,
to improve the quality of patients with this cancer.

Many big opinion leaders in the cancer section, work for the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation to help people, bring new effects and therapies directly to the patients.
Each year the Gabrielle's Angel Foundation organized a Polo Match to collect money and Donna sponsor Gabrielle's Angel Foundation

This year, 2012, on the 30th of May they host the Millenial Ball at New York for cancer research.
The ticket price is 100 USD and the event chairs are Andrew Warren and Louie Torrellas. This event is located at the nightclub LAVO, 39 East 58th Street.

In UK, the next event is on the 7th of June at the Londons iconic Battersea Power Station.
The ticket price is 500 Pfund and the event is hosted by Denise Rich, Ilona Rich Schachter and Daniella Rich Kilstock.

In 2012 the Angel Ball is on the Cipriani Wallstreet on the 22th of October, this is always one of the hottest parties, don't miss it.

If its not possible for you, you also can help online. You can send your gift via PayPal or can spend money to help the foundation via Phone or Mail. Each Dollar is necessary.

Denise Rich, the mother of the passed away doughter Gabrielle Rich Aouad, is a Grammy songwriter and the creator of this Foundation.    

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