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Frequently Asked Questions

The Institute of Law and Economics (ILE) boasts some of the best and brightest in their field as Staff and Tutors of the Institution and these esteemed individuals will help you on your way to success. To contact our team, please call (876) 977-6232,977-4959 or email: or

5. What are the entry requirements?

ANS: Holborn College: 2 “A” levels, in any subjects except General Paper (G.P.); or an Undergraduate degree in another discipline; or 5 years or more working experience in any field.

University of London: Minimum of : 2 “A” levels in any subjects except General Paper (G.P.) and at 3 GSCE or GCE or CXC (at not less than grade C or pass if taken prior to 1975), or an Undergraduate degree in another discipline; or 5 years or more working experience in any field (mature applicants are not solely accepted on work experience but academic qualifications as well).

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6. How soon can I start?

ANS: Holborn College has three registration deadlines per year; November 30th for the January semester, March 31st for the May semester and July 31st for the September semester. The University of London’s registration deadline is September 17th of each year (applications should be submitted between February to September 17 of the same year.)

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7. What is the cost of the programme?

ANS: Holborn College- £550 per module + £50 for posting, totalling £600 (including books). The University of London’s first year fee is £1,159. However fees for second, third and fourth year will vary.

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8. Is there an application fee?

ANS: Holborn College – there is NO application fee, one must submit all the fees for the courses taken that semester (currently £600), if you are not accepted, the college will refund the fees paid; 
University of London – for September 2012 the application fee is £52.

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9. Do I pay for the LLB programme, via I.L.E or directly to the university?

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