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Pre-Law Certificate

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This course will allow students to become aware of career opportunities within the field of law as well as gain specific knowledge of law school admission requirements. Additionally, students will develop critical thinking skills, and argumentative analysis skills and will look into the "reality" of being a lawyer.

Course Objectives

The course attracts students of many different kinds. Some are looking toward a legal career, but the law affects everyone and many students take the course just out of interest. This course provides an opportunity for students interested in attending law school with the environment in which they could develop their intellectual and personal preparation for law school.


Course Content
Unit 1: Concepts of LawUnit 6: Introduction to Tort Law and Civil Liability
Unit 2: Law MakingUnit 7: Elements of the Law of Contract

Unit 3: Dispute solving

Unit 4: Concept of LiabilityLegal Research and Legal Interviewing
Unit 5: Criminal LawIntroduction to Use of Computers


Click here for a Downloadable Pre-Law Class Schedule 

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