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Third World Network

The Following Third World Network books are available through the Institute of Law and Economics:



Unit Price
WTO: The DOHA Agenda, The New Negotiations on World Trade Bhagirath Lal Das   $ 682
The WTO agreements: Deficiencies, Imbalances and Required Changes Bhagirath Lal Das   $ 716
An Introduction to The WTO Agreements Bhagirath Lal Das   $ 716
 Good Practices & Innovative Experiences in the South Martin Khor / Lim Li Lin 1,2 & 3  $ 818
The World Trade Organisation - A Guide to the Framework for International Trade Bhagirath Lal Das   $ 1,194 
Intellectual Property Rights, the WTO and Developing Countries: The TRIPS Agreement and Policy Options Carlos M. Correa   $ 750
Globalisation, Economic Development and the Role of the State Ha-Joon Chang   $ 682
Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare?  Mae-Wan Ho   $ 682
Living with the Fluid Genome  Mae-Wan Ho   $ 682
Developing Countries and World Trade: Performance and Prospects   Yilmaz Akyϋz   $ 614
Manual on Good Practices in Public-Health-Sensitive Policy Measures and Patent Laws     $ 614
Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development   Martin Khor   $ 614
The WTO and the Multilateral Trading System PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE  Bhagirath Lal Das   $ 750
Globalization and the South - Some Critical Issues Martin Khor   $ 614
Reforming the Global Financial Architecture   Yilmaz Akyϋz   $ 614
Developing Countries and Services Trade   Chakravarthi Raghavan   $ 614
The WTO, the Post-Doha Agenda and the Future of the Trade System: A Development Perspective  Martin Khor   $ 273
Some Suggestions for Improvements in the WTO Agreements   Bhagirath Lal Das   $ 205
The New Work Programme of the WTO Bhagirath Lal Das   $ 409
TWN Global Economy Series Martin Khor 1 to 5 $ 273
Dark Victory: The United States, Structural Adjustment and Global Poverty Walden Bello with Shea Cunningham and Bill Rau   $ 409
The Rise and Fall of the Economic Liberalism: The making of the economic   Gulag Frederic F. Clairmont   $ 955
The Market tells them so   John Mihevc   $ 682
The Inappropriateness of the Patent System for Life Forms and Processes Tewolde Berhan Gerbre Egziabher 1 to 2  $ 273
In Defence of Local Community Knowledge and Biodiversity   Gurdial Singh Nijar   $ 205
TRIPS and Biodiversity - The Threat and Responses: A Third World View   Gurdial Singh Nijar   $ 205
Moncultures of the Mind   Vandana Shiva   $ 614
Genetic Resources: Our Forgotten Treasure   Daniel Querol   $ 682
Globalisation & the Crisis of Sustainable Development  Martin Khor 1 to 3 $ 273
The Violence of the Green Revolution  Vandana Shiva   $ 1,364


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